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Security Breach Training Program

Breach Secure Now! Rolls Out a White Labeled Unlimited Clients IT Security Training Program for MSPs

MSPs can offer their clients security training for free, which opens the door to selling larger security solutions.

Morristown, NJ – September 08 – Breach Secure Now! has lowered the barriers to increased IT security sales for MSPs by introducing Unlimited Clients Employee Security Training that they can now offer their SMB (small and mid-sized business) clients for free or for a minimal fee. A YouTube video explains the program in detail.

MSPs typically offer anti-virus software and firewalls as part of an IT services package. But when they try to convince clients that they need greater protection to ward off ever increasing cyberattacks they’re often met with resistance. SMBs incorrectly believe they’re too small for cyber criminals to target.

Now MSPs can offer clients the Breach Secure Now! security training subscription under their own label and make it available through a secure MSP branded portal. They can bundle the training with the anti-virus protection, firewalls and security patch management services they already provide.

“MSPs have long struggled to talk to their clients about security,” said Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now! “Now they can say, ‘I’m an MSP who worries about security and I’m worried about your security so I’m giving you this training for free.’

“Every MSP sells anti-virus software. But when 95 percent of data breaches are caused by human error, software alone isn’t enough protection. We are now providing employee security training at an affordable price that every one of their clients can use.”

The Unlimited Clients Security Training Subscription, which starts at less than $50 a month for MSPs, provides clients with invaluable lessons in recognizing and avoiding sophisticated hacking scams that even their most tech savvy employees can succumb to.

Employees who complete the 90-minute training course become more proficient in identifying phishing scams, protecting proprietary data stored on mobile devices and much more.

Through the training portal, clients will also discover the other services offered by Breach Secure Now!, including security risk assessments, PII (personal identifiable information) scanning, security policies and procedures, breach response services and $100,000 of cyber protection though an AIG insurance program. Clients who notice these services in the portal become better informed and therefore more receptive to discussing additional security solutions with their MSPs.

“Our training program is the MSP’s Trojan Horse,” Gross said. “Once inside the portal clients will naturally explore the other security services we offer. This paves the way for MSPs to have meaningful conversations about security and thereby sell additional services.”

The Unlimited Clients Security Training Subscription also has an attractive referral program. An MSP receives a $100 credit toward his own subscription for each colleague they refer who subsequently purchases the training subscription. The colleague, in turn, receives a five percent discount on their subscription. There is no limit to the number of colleagues an MSP can refer.

For more information on the Unlimited Clients Security Training Subscription visit

Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a full service security platform that includes security risk assessments, policies and procedures, employee security training, and scanning tools to identify system vulnerabilities. The service also comes with $100,000 in cyber-insurance coverage and breach response services including legal, forensic, breach notification and ID/credit monitoring. The BreachSecureNow! solution is sold as a white label service that MSPs can offer under their own brand.

Breach Secure Now! offers an attractive partner program and lets MSPs set the pricing under their own label. For more information on the Breach Secure Now! partner program visit

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Data Breach Reputation Threats

Data Breaches: The New Massive Reputation Threat Revealed by JW Maxx Solutions

The digital age has brought with it a whole host of threats to a company’s reputation – the most deadly being a data breach. JW Maxx Solutions outlines ways to improve a company’s online security.

Scottsdale, Arizona – August 26 – The online brand protection specialists at JW Maxx Solutions know that there are many threats to a company’s reputation on a daily basis from disgruntled former employees to unsatisfied customers posting negative reviews for the world to see. However, one of the most damaging reputation threats and one that is very hard to bounce back from is that of a widespread data breach. As seen with the recent data breaches at giant corporations like Target, P.F. Chang’s and more, gaining back a consumer’s trust is not an easy task. Because of this, the reputation experts at this Scottsdale reputation management firm are providing these tips to assist companies in bolstering their security.

1. Make security a priority.
One of the biggest mistakes that the online brand protection specialists see that companies make time and time again is that they do not take security seriously. At JW Maxx Solutions, this leading reputation management firm has set up multiple security barriers that make it extremely hard for hackers to get through. Adding multiple layers of security and authentication is one of the best ways to protect the company against a security breach. Regularly changing passwords is advised as well.

2. Invest in protective measures.
Firewalls and secure networks are a must in a world where even the databases of top government agencies are being hacked. While a secure network might cost the company more, it will be worth it in the end. Make sure that the office’s Wi-Fi password is kept in a secure place and is only known to a few, select people. In addition, firewalls should be placed on servers and sites that could be potential security risks should be blacklisted while employees are at work shares the Scottsdale reputation management firm of JW Maxx Solutions.

3. Security starts at the office.
It is easy to invest in fancy software and other protective measures, but the online brand protection specialists stress that teaching employees the basics of a secure work environment. These basics include strong passwords that are changed on a regular basis, the best ways to spot phishing attacks, advice on not opening up questionable emails, only visiting safe sites and more.

In the end, there is a lot that goes into securing the workplace so that data breaches do not happen. If a data breach does unfortunately occur, it can take months or even years to gain back consumers’ trust in the brand or spending their hard-earned money at that business. This may seem like a daunting task, but with the help of professionals, it can be a lot easier to tackle.

The reputation management firm of JW Maxx Solutions is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, and part of a fine family of companies including Reputation Maxx, Enterate Ahora and Prensa Ahora. Offering customized solutions to fit every need – from individual packages to small business offerings and enterprise solutions – JW Maxx Solutions is a one-stop shop for public relations, reputation management and content management solutions. For more information, visit

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School Employee Receives Prison Sentence for Child Sex Crimes

Case Update: Dr. Franklin Perkins School Employee Receives Prison Sentence for 12 to 16 Years for Child Sex Crimes

A former overnight staff member Darren Pellerin at the Dr. Franklin Perkins School has been sentenced to 12 to 16 years for raping a special needs child in his care. Massachusetts personal injury firm Kiley Law Group, LLC is representing the child.

Lancaster, MA – August 15 –  On July 31, 2014, a Worcester Superior court jury sentenced a former overnight staff member of a special education facility in Lancaster to 12 to 16 years in state prison. The jury had previously found Darren Pellerin, 46, guilty of two counts of rape of a child aggravated by age difference and one count of indecent assault and battery on a child after injury upon taking only a day to deliberate their decision (Commonwealth of Massachusetts vs Darren Pellerin; Worcester Superior Court, Commonwealth Of Massachusetts; Docket #WOCR2011-896).

The former caretaker worked for the special education facility in Lancaster for nine years and was part of the overnight staff for the Curtis House residential facility where the incidents took place. He was discharged in 2011 after allegations of child sexual abuse had been brought up against him.

In addition to a prison stay, the former caretaker will face 10 years of probation upon release. During this probationary period, he will be expected to undergo periodic mental-health and sex-offender evaluations. He will also be barred from having contact with the victim, his family, and any other minor unless permitted. A GPS monitoring system will be on his person for the length of the probationary period.

Founded in 1896 and moved to Lancaster, Massachusetts in 1924 under the eminent child psychiatrist Franklin Haskins Perkins, M.D., the Perkins School claims to be the premier special education facility in the state, providing a supposed safe haven for children with developmental and behavioral disabilities.

At the Kiley Law Group, LLC, our compassionate attorneys help child victims of abuse and their families in Massachusetts recover damages from all liable parties. The wounds sustained in such incidents can take a lot of time and resources to heal. We fight hard to get our clients the support they need to focus on getting back on track. To learn more about how our firm can help you and your child, please call (978) 474-8670, or visit our website:

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