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Security Breach Training Program

Breach Secure Now! Rolls Out a White Labeled Unlimited Clients IT Security Training Program for MSPs

MSPs can offer their clients security training for free, which opens the door to selling larger security solutions.

Morristown, NJ – September 08 – Breach Secure Now! has lowered the barriers to increased IT security sales for MSPs by introducing Unlimited Clients Employee Security Training that they can now offer their SMB (small and mid-sized business) clients for free or for a minimal fee. A YouTube video explains the program in detail.

MSPs typically offer anti-virus software and firewalls as part of an IT services package. But when they try to convince clients that they need greater protection to ward off ever increasing cyberattacks they’re often met with resistance. SMBs incorrectly believe they’re too small for cyber criminals to target.

Now MSPs can offer clients the Breach Secure Now! security training subscription under their own label and make it available through a secure MSP branded portal. They can bundle the training with the anti-virus protection, firewalls and security patch management services they already provide.

“MSPs have long struggled to talk to their clients about security,” said Art Gross, CEO of Breach Secure Now! “Now they can say, ‘I’m an MSP who worries about security and I’m worried about your security so I’m giving you this training for free.’

“Every MSP sells anti-virus software. But when 95 percent of data breaches are caused by human error, software alone isn’t enough protection. We are now providing employee security training at an affordable price that every one of their clients can use.”

The Unlimited Clients Security Training Subscription, which starts at less than $50 a month for MSPs, provides clients with invaluable lessons in recognizing and avoiding sophisticated hacking scams that even their most tech savvy employees can succumb to.

Employees who complete the 90-minute training course become more proficient in identifying phishing scams, protecting proprietary data stored on mobile devices and much more.

Through the training portal, clients will also discover the other services offered by Breach Secure Now!, including security risk assessments, PII (personal identifiable information) scanning, security policies and procedures, breach response services and $100,000 of cyber protection though an AIG insurance program. Clients who notice these services in the portal become better informed and therefore more receptive to discussing additional security solutions with their MSPs.

“Our training program is the MSP’s Trojan Horse,” Gross said. “Once inside the portal clients will naturally explore the other security services we offer. This paves the way for MSPs to have meaningful conversations about security and thereby sell additional services.”

The Unlimited Clients Security Training Subscription also has an attractive referral program. An MSP receives a $100 credit toward his own subscription for each colleague they refer who subsequently purchases the training subscription. The colleague, in turn, receives a five percent discount on their subscription. There is no limit to the number of colleagues an MSP can refer.

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Breach Secure Now!

Breach Secure Now! is a full service security platform that includes security risk assessments, policies and procedures, employee security training, and scanning tools to identify system vulnerabilities. The service also comes with $100,000 in cyber-insurance coverage and breach response services including legal, forensic, breach notification and ID/credit monitoring. The BreachSecureNow! solution is sold as a white label service that MSPs can offer under their own brand.

Breach Secure Now! offers an attractive partner program and lets MSPs set the pricing under their own label. For more information on the Breach Secure Now! partner program visit

Contact Information
Shelly Gordon
HIPAA Secure Now!
+1 (650) 856-1607

Art Gross
HIPAA Secure Now!
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You Can Manage Cyber Security Risks

Merrill DataSite Releases New Comments: Managing Cyber-Security Risks in M&A — Financier Worldwide recently moderated a discussion on cyber-security risks in M&A between Adam Pang, a director at Merrill DataSite, David Stanton, a partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, and Timothy J. Nagle, counsel at Reed Smith LLP.

New York, US – August 15 – An interview by Financier Worldwide with Adam Pang, Director at Merrill DataSite Financier Worldwide recently moderated a discussion on cyber-security risks in M&A between Adam Pang, a director at Merrill DataSite, David Stanton, a partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, and Timothy J. Nagle, counsel at Reed Smith LLP.

The panelists were asked to give their opinion on how they would characterize the threats of cyber security in M&A and whether dealmakers pay enough attention to the issue, in addition to the different types of cyber security risks that exist and are connected to the M&A process.

The panelists also gave their insight into the issues acquirers should consider when conducting cyber due diligence on a potential target company and how to manage and mitigate cyber security risk when transferring sensitive data between professional advisors and financiers who are involved in corporate transactions by utilizing a secure virtual data room to house and track access to transaction documents.

About Merrill DataSite
Merrill DataSite is a secure virtual data room (VDR) solution that optimises the due diligence process by providing a highly efficient and secure method for sharing key business information between multiple parties. Merrill DataSite provides unlimited access for users worldwide, as well as real-time activity reports, site-wide search at the document level, enhanced communications through the Q&A feature and superior project management service – all of which help reduce transaction time and expense. Merrill DataSite’s multilingual support staff is available from anywhere in the world, 24/7, and can have your VDR up and running with thousands of pages loaded within 24 hours or less.

With its deep roots in transaction and compliance services, Merrill Corporation has a cultural, organisation-wide discipline in the management and processing of confidential content. Merrill DataSite is the first VDR provider to understand customer and industry needs by earning an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certificate of registration – the highest standard for information security – and is currently the world’s only VDR certified for operations in the Europe, United States and Asia.

As the leading provider of VDR solutions, Merrill DataSite has empowered more than two million unique visitors to perform electronic due diligence on thousands of transactions totalling trillions of dollars in asset value. Merrill DataSite VDR solution has become an essential tool in an efficient and legally defensible process for completing multiple types of financial transactions.

For more information, please contact Merrill DataSite: Tel: 1-866-399-3770;
Email:; Web:

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Adaptive Security Strategies Broached

Top-level CISOs Talk Switching to Adaptive Security Strategies

EC-Council Foundation’s Global CISO Forum continues to attract the top names of information security executives and has added a panel of high-level CISOs to discuss Adaptive Security Architecture: Visibility, Controls, and Response to Meet Today’s Threats, Violations, and Consumerization.

Atlanta, GA – August 11 – EC-Council Foundation’s premier executive event, the Global CISO Forum, has added an all-star panel to its agenda. The Global CISO Forum’s theme this year is Striking a Balance – Strong Fundamentals versus Next Generation Innovations. The agenda is broken out into two days – one for fundamentals and one for innovation. The panel session, titled Adaptive Security Architecture: Visibility, Controls, and Response to Meet Today’s Threats, Violations, and Consumerization; will take place on the innovation day as the panel participants examine processes and technology that support an adaptive strategy as the best way to manage risks and an ever-changing landscape of threats. The Global CISO Forum will take place in Atlanta, GA, October 16 and 17, 2014.

Panel participants include Chuck Deaton, Deputy CISO of Enterprise Information Protection at Humana; Ken Pfeil, CISO at Pioneer Investments; and Scott Gordon, CMO at ForeScout. The panel participants represent a wide variety of industry perspectives and goals when it comes to information security. Humana, for instance, is one of the nation’s largest publicly traded health and supplemental benefits companies and so Mr. Deaton will bring the experience of securing data in a healthcare environment. Representing the financial industry, Mr. Pfeil will bring a very different perspective on protecting organization and customer data as Pioneer Investments is a leading global investment manager. Steering the discussion will be Scott Gordon of ForeScout, a leading provider of pervasive network security solutions that allow organizations to continuously monitor and mitigate security exposures and cyber attacks.. Mr. Gordon is an accomplished and industry-recognized leader who has helped evolve security information management, network and endpoint security, and risk management technologies.

The Global CISO Forum is an invite-only event taking place in Atlanta, GA on October 16 and 17, 2014 open only to senior information security executives (C-levels, VPs, Senior Directors, etc.). Anyone interested in attending should send their resume to amber.williams(at)eccouncil(dot)org. Also at the Forum will be the second annual CISO Award Ceremony where the EC-Council CISO, CIO, and CCISO of the year will be crowned. Past winners include Ron Baklarz, CISO of Amtrak; Tim Greiveson, CIO of G4S Risk Management; and Sanath Manatunge, Chief Risk Officer (CRO) at Commercial Bank of Ceylon Plc.

About the EC-Council CISO Program:
EC-Council’s CISO Program has three components: CISO Events, the Certified CISO (C|CISO), and CISO Resources – a repository for white papers and articles geared toward a CISO crowd. EC-Council’s CISO Events are invitation only and geared specifically for high-level, executive information security professionals. Combining keynotes with panel discussions, the events are opportunities for CISOs from around the world to hash out the trends and challenges of information security among their peers. The C|CISO is a certification recognizing an individual’s cumulative experience and expertise in executive information security management. Overseen by a board of seasoned and distinguished professionals, the C|CISO Program has certified over 700 IS executives from around the world. For more information about EC-Council’s CISO Program, please visit

About EC-Council Foundation
EC-Council Foundation is a charitable and educational organization dedicated to educating and training individuals in security skills. Established in 2012 by EC-Council, the foundation seeks to raise awareness, build capacity across nations and ultimately promote global peace. EC-Council Foundation’s mission is to foster collaboration and participation by global digital citizens to become advocates for safe, secure online activities and to foster online child protection through education. For more information, visit

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EC-Council Foundation
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Scamming the Elderly Killing Seniors

<strong>Mostyn Law Firm Associate to Address Houston Area Seniors</strong>

Mostyn Law Firm attorney will speak to a group of Houston seniors to help them avoid becoming victims of fraudulent scams.

Houston, Texas – August 08 – On Wednesday, August 20th, Mostyn Law Firm Associate, Sean Timmons will speak to a group of senior citizens about how to protect themselves from becoming victims of fraudulent scams. The speaking engagement will be held in Houston, Texas at the AHEPA Independent Senior Living Community. The event titled “How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Fraudulent Scams,” will be given free of charge to a group of 25 low-income seniors in the Houston area.

“It is important that senior citizens get the information they need to protect themselves from would be scammers,” Timmons said. “This is a chance for us to give the vulnerable members of our community the tools they need to recognize and prevent attacks that take advantage of them.”

Timmons will provide the group with information from the Federal Trade Commission and other publicly available resources to offer common sense tips in identifying and avoiding potential scams. The talk will help seniors avoid common scams that target them by soliciting money through various communication sources, such as emails and letters which state, “You’ve won a new car, now just pay the taxes and it’s yours” or “This is your bank, we are updating our records and need to confirm your identity, please tell us your social security number and date of birth so we can confirm your account is in good status.” Timmons will also be offering advice on recognizing in-person scams that some car dealerships commonly practice by convincing seniors to re-sign their contracts at lower payments at much longer terms.

Sean Timmons, a former United States Army Captain with overseas wartime experience and service in the Judge Advocates General’s Corps and now a local honorably discharged veteran, represents clients of Mostyn Law Firm across the greater Houston region, as well as representing fellow veterans on a pro bono basis.

<strong>How to Prevent Becoming a Victim of Fraudulent Scams</strong>
Wednesday, August 20th at 1:30-2:30 pm
AHEPA Independent Senior Living
13830 Canyon Hill Drive
Houston, Texas 77083

To learn more about Mostyn Law Firm, please visit

<strong>About Mostyn Law Firm</strong>
Based in Houston, Texas, Mostyn Law Firm was established in 1999 by Steve Mostyn. Mostyn Law Firm has earned its reputation by tirelessly standing up for the rights of ordinary people who have been treated unfairly by insurers, injured by defective products, or suffered personal injury. Mostyn Law Firm has 125 employees in its offices in Houston, Beaumont, Austin, and Galveston.

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Jeff Rotkoff
Mostyn Law Firm
+1 (512) 913-4258